Building Relationships with Students

Building meaningful and lasting relationships with students is at the heart of effective teaching and fostering a positive learning environment. This on-demand course is designed to empower educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to connect with their students, creating a sense of belonging and trust.

Course Topics:

  1. Connectedness: Understanding the importance of connectedness in the educational setting and its impact on student engagement, motivation, and success.
  2. Ways to Build Relationships: Exploring a variety of strategies, techniques, and best practices for establishing and maintaining positive relationships with students. This section covers both in-person and virtual approaches to cater to modern educational settings.
  3. Every Child Needs a Champion: Recognizing the role of educators as champions for every student's success. Learn how to advocate for individual students' needs, aspirations, and growth, ensuring they feel supported throughout their educational journey.
  4. Building Community: Fostering a sense of community within the classroom or learning environment. Discover how to create inclusive and collaborative spaces that promote mutual respect, empathy, and open communication among students.

Course Benefits:

  • Enhance your teaching effectiveness by building strong connections with your students.
  • Create a positive and inclusive classroom environment where students feel valued and respected.
  • Learn practical strategies to address the unique needs and challenges of individual students.
  • Develop skills to handle difficult situations and conflicts within the classroom.
  • Adapt relationship-building techniques for diverse student populations and various educational contexts.
  • Gain insights into the latest research on the psychology of student-teacher relationships.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Classroom teachers (K-12)
  • College instructors
  • Education administrators
  • Student support personnel
  • Homeschool educators
  • Anyone interested in improving their ability to connect with students

By enrolling in this course, you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to become a mentor, guide, and champion for your students. Building meaningful relationships will not only enhance your teaching but also contribute to the overall well-being and academic success of the students you serve. Enroll today and start your journey towards becoming a more effective and empathetic educator.


Behavior and Discipline, High School, Elementary
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 0.50  
Registration Closes: 8/31/2024
Starts: 11/6/2023
Ends: 9/30/2024