Out of School Time: Proactive Approach to Student Behavior

Empower yourself with proactive strategies to effectively manage student behavior in the out of school time (OST) setting with our mini-course. Delve into crucial topics, including:

  1. Flipping Your Lid: Gain insights into recognizing and managing emotional responses, enabling you to maintain composure and make informed decisions when faced with challenging behavior.

  2. Effective Communication: Develop strong communication skills tailored to the OST environment, fostering positive connections with students and creating a conducive learning atmosphere.

  3. Behavior is Communication: Explore the profound idea that behavior serves as a form of communication, allowing you to decipher underlying needs and address them proactively.

  4. Circle of Influence: Learn how to identify and focus on factors within your control, empowering you to make impactful changes and create a positive influence on student behavior.

Behavior and Discipline, High School, Elementary
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 0.50  
Registration Closes: 8/31/2024
Starts: 10/23/2023
Ends: 8/31/2024