Classroom Instruction That Works with English Learners: Student Learning Strategies
Online Course, Self-directed
15.00 CPE Credits  

For classroom teachers and Emergent Bilingual specialists alike, this on-demand, self-paced course will give you practical information about the five stages of language acquisition and the instructional strategies you can use at each stage to help your students progress toward fluency.

You’ll also learn how to use an academic language framework to support your Emergent Bilingual students as they learn vocabulary and language structures that are associated with academic content areas. In-depth examples are provided for math, English language arts, and science teachers.


This online, self-paced course will take approximately 10-15 hours to complete. Lesson components include videos, presentations, text readings, handouts, surveys, group discussions, and knowledge checks.

Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 15.00  
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