New Teacher Behavior Academy: Building Relationships with Students
Online Course, Self-directed
0.50 CPE Credits  

When students feel connected and cared about, they are better able to expend energy on helping and caring for others. A strong sense of connectedness is linked to greater academic achievement, lower likelihood of substance abuse, and reduced attendance issues. Purposeful engagement can positively influence student behavior and academic success. It is important to check on students' emotional health at the end of the day to see their preparedness for after school learning. 

In this course we will discuss the following topics: 

  • Connectedness
  • Ways to Build Relationships
  • Every Child Needs a Champion
  • Building Community

Behavior and Discipline, High School, Elementary
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 0.50  
Registration Closes: 8/15/2023
Starts: 11/30/2022
Ends: 9/1/2023