PBL for Diverse Learners: Planning PBL
Part 1 of the PBL for Diverse Learners Series
Online Course, Self-directed
6.00 CPE Credits   GT Credits  
PBL for Diverse Learners:  Planning PBL

Are you trying PBL for the first time?  Do you need help creating plans for PBL units?

Project-Based Learning (PBL) gives students the opportunity to learn through the use of projects and problem-solving. Projects are more than just engaging lessons. They include essential elements that raise the rigor of learning in the project. PBL projects are aligned with multiple standards and often across multiple content areas. They also tend to be student-driven with many opportunities for students to make choices about how they work on their project, and how they present their findings. PBL is often used with a diverse group of learners and is differentiated to meet the needs of those learners as they work together.

This self-paced course will guide you through the process of building a project through 5 step-by-step modules:

  1. What is PBL?
  2. Crafting the Driving Question
  3. Creating a Project Storyboard
  4. Assessments
  5. Final Steps for Planning PBL



This is the first course in the series PBL for Diverse Learners.

The next course, PBL for Diverse Learners: Managing PBL, focuses on managing and implementing projects in the classroom.


Fine Arts, Reading Language Arts (RLA), College and Career Readiness, High School, Science, Diverse Populations, Instructional Strategies, Social Studies, Early Childhood, LOTE (Languages Other Than English), Gifted and Talented (G/T), Teacher Leadership, Elementary, Mathematics, STEM, Teaching & Learning
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 6.00   GT Credits: 6.00  
Registration Closes: 8/16/2023 11:59 pm
Starts: 11/4/2022