TExES Review: Core Subjects EC-6 PE/Health
Online Course, Self-directed
12.00 CPE Credits  
TExES Review: Core Subjects EC-6 PE/Health

This course is intended for new and experienced teachers who want to review key concepts, principles and strategies for teaching Physical Education and Health in EC-6 classrooms. This course is aligned with the Physical Education and Health EC-6 Texas educator standards/frameworks and can serve as preparation for taking the TExES certification examination.

This 12 credit hour course focuses on:

  • content development of Physical Education and Health concepts, and principles in grades EC-6

  • instructional strategies for Physical Education and Health EC-6 teachers

  • activities and assessments that cover TEKS-based concepts, principles, and strategies for students.

View the Table of Contents (PDF) of the course.

The online course content is presented through, Internet investigations, Flash-based learning activities, and self-assessments. This course also provides diagnositic TExES sample questions with feedback rationale for correct and incorrect answers.

This course will take "approximately 12 hoursto complete.

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Educator Certification Program (ECP), TExES Prep
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 12.00  
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