Pathways To Numeracy in ECSE (PRIVATE)
Bringing conceptual understanding of mathematics to the forefront of teaching and learning
Online Course, Self-directed
6.00 CPE Credits  

How do educators provide a pathway for young learners to develop mathematical ideas and numeracy concepts? 

Many mathematical concepts and skills begin with the cluster of activities that are referred to as mathematical processes. In this session, participants will explore five beginning processes that are at the core of early childhood mathematics. They will participate in activities to engage young children of many different developmental levels in the five processes. Participants will also investigate children’s symbolic and language development and the use of a research-based pathway, alongside a developmentally appropriate trajectory of the counting principles, that will lead young learners down the path to numeracy success.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Provide vocabulary-rich learning activities where each child can acquire mathematics in a natural, social, and non-threatening way
  • Offer play-based and arts-integrated activities where children acquire the mathematical concepts necessary to excel in higher elementary grades
  • Provide social and emotional support to ensure a community-based learning environment is cultivated
  • Enhance mathematical learning with literacy by using captivating language and pictures to introduce key math language and ideas.


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If you live within the boundaries of Region 13, materials will be provided upon completion of the course. Please email when you have passed to arrange receipt of materials. 

Early Childhood
Dr. Melinda Schwartz
Online Course, Self-directed

CPE Credits: 6.00  
Registration Closes: 8/31/2023
Starts: 10/22/2021
Ends: 10/31/2023